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Request for Trading Halt
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02-Jul-2019 08:21:10
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Request for Trading Halt
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Lew Kwang Ping
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
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With Immediate Effect
Reasons for Trading Halt
The Board of Directors (the "Board") of Biolidics Limited (the "Company") refers to the Company's press release titled "Laboratory-developed tests by Biolidics' laboratory partner in China to be reimbursed under China's national basic medical insurance program" on 1 July 2019 ("1 July PR").

In the 1 July PR, the Company announced that the fees related to the laboratory-developed tests ("LDTs") offered to cancer patients by its laboratory partner, Hunan Agen Medicine Laboratory Technology Co., Ltd. ("Hunan Agen Lab"), in the People's Republic of China ("PRC"), will be reimbursed by National Healthcare Security Administration of the PRC under its national basic medical insurance program.

Upon request of the Board, the Company wishes to clarify that Hunan Agen Lab will be providing the LDT to Hunan Cancer Hospital which has obtained approval to commence clinical trials for the Programmed death-ligand 1 ("PD-L1") in the administration of drug treatments. The LDT, as part of the PD-L1 clinical trials, involve the use of the Company's ClearCell FX1 System and CTChip FR1 biochip.

These clinical trials mark the first time that Biolidics' ClearCell FX1 System and CTChip FR1 biochip will be used as companion diagnostics, which is a diagnostic test used as a companion to a therapeutic drug to determine its applicability to a specific person.

The clinical trials serve to improve patient selection to the targeted cancer drug treatment. It also aims to show the efficacy of the combination treatment and changes in circulating tumour cells ("CTCs") after administration of the drug treatment, and to evaluate the correlation between PD-L1 expressions derived from CTCs and tumour tissue cells. Successful clinical trials could lead to the potential reimbursement of such cancer drug treatments by the National Healthcare Security Administration of the PRC under its national basic medical insurance program.

Please refer to the revised press release to be announced by the Company on this matter.

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