Change - Announcement of Cessation::Resignation of Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

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Announcement Title
Change - Announcement of Cessation
Date &Time of Broadcast
17-Sep-2019 18:27:40
Announcement Sub Title
Resignation of Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Announcement Reference
Submitted By (Co./ Ind. Name)
Jackie Thia
Company Secretary, OUE Commercial REIT Management Pte. Ltd. (as Manager of OUE Commercial REIT)
Description (Please provide a detailed description of the event in the box below)
Resignation of Mr Jonathan Miles Foxall ("Mr Foxall") as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of OUE Commercial REIT Management Pte. Ltd., as manager of OUE Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (the "Manager")

Additional Details

Name Of Person
Jonathan Miles Foxall
Is effective date of cessation known?
If yes, please provide the date
Detailed Reason (s) for cessation
Following the completion of the merger of OUE Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust ("C-REIT") and OUE Hospitality Trust ("H-Trust") effected through the acquisition by DBS Trustee Limited (in its capacity as trustee of C-REIT) of all the issued and paid-up stapled securities held by the stapled securityholders of H-Trust in exchange for a combination of cash and units in C-REIT by way of a trust scheme of arrangement in compliance with the Singapore Code on Take-overs and Mergers, the Company has received a notice of retirement as director of the Manager from Mr Foxall.
Are there any unresolved differences in opinion on material matters between the person and the board of directors, including matters which would have a material impact on the group or its financial reporting?
Is there any matter in relation to the cessation that needs to be brought to the attention of the shareholders of the listed issuer?
Any other relevant information to be provided to shareholders of the listed issuer?
Date of Appointment to current position
Does the AC have a minimum of 3 members (taking into account this cessation)?
Number of Independent Directors currently resident in Singapore (taking into account this cessation)
Number of cessations of appointments specified in Listing Rule 704 (7) or Catalist Rule 704 (6) over the past 12 months
Job Title (e.g. Lead ID, AC Chairman, AC Member etc.)
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Role and responsibilities
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Familial relationship with any director and/ or substantial shareholder of the listed issuer or of any of its principal subsidiaries
Shareholding interest in the listed issuer and its subsidiaries?
Past (for the last 5 years)
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4. Classic Concord Limited
5. Englosite Limited
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11. Sanfield Australia Pty Ltd
12. Sanfield Limited
13. Smart Dragon Limited
14. Superform Investment Limited
15. Turkins Holdings Limited
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19. OUE Commercial REIT Management Pte. Ltd.

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