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Partial Redemption with reduction of nominal value
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19-Mar-2019 18:14:18
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Koh Kai Kheng Irene
Group Financial Controller
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Additional TextPlease refer to the attachment - Base mandatory redemption relating to the series 006 S$100,000,000 4.75 per cent. notes due 2017 (ISIN: SG6Z90991217)
Additional TextThe Board of Directors of ASL Marine Holdings Ltd. (the Company) refers to the trust deed dated 7 May 2008, as supplemented by a supplemental trust deed dated 21 March 2014, and as amended and restated by the amendment and restatement trust deed dated 31 January 2017,
Additional Textand as further amended and supplemented by the supplemental trust deed dated 1 February 2019, in each case between the Company, as issuer, and the Trustee, as trustee (the Trust Deed).
Additional TextCapitalised terms used but not defined in this Announcement shall have the meanings ascribed to such terms in the Trust Deed (as amended from time to time) relating to the Notes.
Additional TextPursuant to Condition 5(k) of the Notes, the Company is redeeming S$500,000 of the outstanding principal amount of the Notes on a pro rata basis, together with interest accrued, but unpaid, on the amount to be redeemed up to and excluding the date fixed for redemption, on 28 March 2019 (the Redemption Date).
Additional Text(a) immediately prior to the redemption referred to above, (i) the outstanding principal amount of each S$250,000 Denomination Amount of Notes is S$231,250 and (ii) the number of S$250,000 Denomination Amount of Notes outstanding is 400;
(b) the amount to be redeemed for each S$250,000 Denomination Amount of Notes is S$1,250;
Additional Text(c) the outstanding principal amount of each S$250,000 Denomination Amount of Notes after such partial redemption is S$230,000;
(d) the record date for the purposes of the redemption shall be 21 March 2019; and
Additional Text(e) trading and transfers of the Notes will be suspended from the record date until such time the redemption is effected by the Depository and the Notes being redeemed shall be debited from the Depository securities account or sub-account of the relevant holder of such Notes on the Redemption Date.

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21/03/2019 17:00:00

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