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Issuer/ Manager
NIKKEI225 22000 MB ECW190308 - SGXN46963439 - XC8W
NIKKEI225 24000 MB ECW190308 - SGXN65939021 - JITW
NIKKEI225 26000 MB ECW190308 - SGXN90871926 - VRMW
NIKKEI225 19000 MB EPW190308 - SGXN49022811 - DAPW
NIKKEI225 21000 MB EPW190308 - SGXN35195241 - VGQW
NIKKEI225 23000 MB EPW190308 - SGXN24207312 - JNFW

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Warrants - Listing Confirmation
Date &Time of Broadcast
29-Oct-2018 10:06:20
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Product Listings
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Securities Market Control
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30/10/2018 09:00:00
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