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General Announcement
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02-Apr-2015 19:28:49
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Clarification on Shareholder Engagement Initiatives
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Vaewmanee Soponpinij
Company Secretary
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We refer to the article titled -- Why do companies make attending AGMs so tough? -- that was published in The Business Times on April 1, 2015, and would like to provide further information on the laws which Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (THBEV) are required to adhere to, and the steps we have been taking to actively engage our shareholders.

As a company that is incorporated in Thailand, THBEV is required by Thai law to hold its general meetings in Thailand. And, similar to shareholders meeting of other companies, only recognized holder of the company shares are permitted to attend shareholders meetings. It is to be noted that persons who hold THBEV shares through CDP (Depositors), of which CDP is the repository of THBEV shares in Singapore, are not recorded as a recognised holder of THBEV. As the result, the Depositors are not permitted to attend and vote at THBEV general meetings in person, and also not permitted to participate in THBEV general meetings via a video conference or webcast.

Nonetheless, THBEV is strongly committed to actively engaging shareholders (including Depositors), and we have been doing so since THBEV was listed on the Mainboard of the SGX-ST in 2006. In line with our ongoing practice, we will once again convene an Annual Information Meeting (AIM) for shareholders, to meet and participate in a question and answer session with THBEV board representative and management team in Singapore. More details about this year AIM will be announced on SGX-ST website in the coming weeks.

After THBEV financial results are announced each quarter, we also invite shareholders to listen-in to a conference call during which the senior management team discusses our performance and outlook. These conference calls are streamed live and can be accessed via THBEV investor relations website ( The website also serves as a resource centre with extensive information about THBEV business and products, share price performance, dividend history, analyst coverage, as well as an archive of annual reports, sustainability reports, results presentations, and recordings of past conference calls.

The investor relations team can also be contacted via e-mail ( should shareholders wish to make enquiries or provide feedback at any point of time.

Please be informed accordingly.